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Fantastic Team and Service!
Fantastic Team and Service! When I remember all the terrible mistakes I've made, I truly regret how much drugs and alcohol affected my choices. I’m incredibly thankful for my time at Drug Rehab Alabama. With their care and strength, I know I will stay sober.
, Anchorage Jul 28, 2011

Amazing Customized Treatment!
Amazing Customized Treatment! I was so deluded about my problem before I got treatment, and I never took responsibility for my actions. I came to Drug Rehab Anchorage all ready to give up and leave, but I’m so glad I didn’t. I am an addict in recovery, and I thank the eager and skilled staff that never gave up on me.
, Anchorage Nov 29, 2011

They Returned to Me My Family!
They Returned to Me My Family! I don’t want to imagine my life with out rehab. Now that I’m healthy, I can devote my life to loving my husband and children.
, Anchorage Apr 27, 2011

The Absolute Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me!
The Absolute Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me! I believed I had to shoot up and get drunk to feel happy and be part of the group, but the closer to the very bottom I became, the unhappier and lonelier I became. Finally I went to Drug Rehab Anchorage, and almost right away I could just tell the people truly cared for me, and they'd be able to help me. It’s because of them that I’m clean now!
, Anchorage Feb 25, 2012

Great Aftercare!
Great Aftercare! After two failed efforts to get healthy, I’m so grateful that I went to Drug Rehab Anchorage at last! They gave me all the techniques I might need to have a successful recovery.
, Anchorage Jan 26, 2011

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